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George Brown BAILEY
Male 1833 - 1895

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Utah State Penitentiary

The following photographs and paintings show the Utah State Penitentiary, a Federal prison that was located at the present Sugar House Park in Salt Lake City. Our grand father George Brown Bailey was interned here twice.

Utah State Penitentiary, Sugarhouse, Salt Lake City, Utah

See also “The Internments of George Brown Bailey in the Utah Penitentiary 1886 and 1889, Gary E. Stay 1984”

The following photographs and paintings show the Utah State Penitentiary, a Federal prison that was located at the present Sugar House Park in Salt Lake City. Our grand father George Brown Bailey was interned here twice, the first time (6 months) in the buildings shown below, the second time (8 months) was in the new brick prison built after these buildings were torn down.

The actual prisoner photos have been collected over the years from various sources. Some from the Utah Historical Society files, others from private sources. Some are new to the Historical Society and they have been shared with the LDS Church Historical Department and the Historical Society. Some of the pictures are duplicates with names written on them.

The purpose for my collecting them was to attempt to find the picture taken by Charles R Savage showing George Brown Bailey, but to date, we have not been able to locate the photo with him. Savage was a famous early photographer from Salt Lake City who photographed many early locals in the West. We know that other photos exist and would be interested in obtaining a complete collection. Some have been copyrighted and thus these pictures are not for publication.

We have recently (October 2002) located a photograph showing Jens Christian Lauridsen /Breinholt, my Great Grandfather andthe grandfather of my mother Velva Jensen Stay. He is the prisoner on the far left in picture P-17.

George Q. Cannon writes in his journal: On Tuesday November 13, 1888 and November 15, 1888 my portrait with the brethren. They formed different groups and each group desired me to sit with them. Thursday was a chilly day and I was kept out most of the time with my head uncovered, for about two hours, sitting before the camera. The result was I took a very heavy cold. Br. C. R. Savage accompanied by May Wells the first day and Br. Ottingerr, Jr. the second day was the photographer.

Journal of Abraham Alonzo Kimball – C. R. Savage was in the yard taking striped groups, As I was coming down the stairs, I met brother Cannon going up. I hardly knew him as he had colored his beard and eyebrows - - Louis Farr came for me to come down and have my picture taken in a group of 14 bishops and Br. Cannon. I was the only one not in stripes I had my overcoat on. (see picture P-05)

Gary E. Stay January 2003

Above is a painting of the old Utah State Penitentiary as it looked at the time George Brown Bailey was first imprisoned.

Early painting of Utah Pen showing adobe brick walls

Earliest Photograph of Utah Penitentiary found. The new cell block was built in 1885

Later picture of the prison after a new administrative building had been built and the walls were made of stone rather than adobe.

P-01 Left to right F.A. Brown, Moroni Brown, A Milton Musser, Parley P. Pratt Jr. Rugger Clawson and Job Pingree taken August or September 1885.

P-02 Mac (guard center?) Slater, Stanley, Sterling, Sudwick, Jasfrerson, Justesen, Teeples, Terry, Wasden, Driggs, Murdock, Jenkins and John Albert Mower.

P-03 John Walton Price, James C. Hamilton, Guard, George Q. Cannon, Guard, Charles Nookes and A. J. Hansen

P-04 Jacob Barton, Casper Begner, Bishop Branger, Esquier, George Q. Cannon, Br. Carter, Bro. Hardy, Mr. Jennings (Guard) taken 1888

P-05 George Q. Cannon center with flowers: to his left, Joseph Stacy Murdock from Heber, Ut; Alonzo Kimball on lower step in black, Andrew Wood Cooley – Bishop of Brighton Ward, Right of Cannon: David M. Stuart.. James Campbell Hamilton, top left (highest). 3rd from right: John Jardine; Winslow Farr, Jr., with mutton chop sideburns, right of Cannon: Thomas Harper, Bishop of Harper Ward.



P-08 Taken spring 1889 - B. H. Roberts seated center with cane.

P-09 Likely taken November 15, 1888


P-11 Second from left Francis Webster, Christopher J. Arthur SLC (third) Peter Barton in Center Sitting of Kaysville likely taken spring 1889.

P-12 Thomas Wright Kirby top Center, far right John Gustav Jorgensen, Salina, part of prison band, taken spring 1889

P-13 Seated left Frances Webster, George Q. Cannon, Francis M. Lyman

P-14 This picture was taken sometime between Nov. 1888 to April 1889. George Q. Cannon in doorway; Francis M. Lyman in street clothes.

Man of right of Apostle Lyman is Olaf Anderson, from Castle Dale. Man with watch and chain is John F. F. Dorius from Ephraim. 2nd from left is Eli Azariab Day of Fairview, Ut. Man right of George Q. Cannon was William Carter of St. George.


P-16 From left to right – Sylvester F. Jones, Simon Topham, Joseph S. Barney, Lorenzo D. Watson, Chamberlain (top)

George Q. Cannon, Seated Perkins, William Buttler, Francis M. Lyman, top right of Cannon Wooley, Nephi J. Bates, Francis Webster, McGrevy, Covington.

P-17 Left Jens Christian Lauridsen /Breinholt Grandfather of Velva Jensen Stay. Others in picture areJoseph H. Thurber, A. T. Oldroyd, Paul Paulsen, O.P. Borg, all of Sevier City. Also George Cotton Wood and George Q. Cannon. James A. Doyle Guard.

Owner/SourceGary Stay
File nameUtah State Penitentiary
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