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George Brown BAILEY
Male 1833 - 1895

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George and Elizabeth Bailey: The Journal

Journal entries from George B Bailey

The Journal of George and Elizabeth Bailey

George Bailey was baptized on the 26 of May 1851 in Bath by Th?s Brown was confirmed by George Bailey was ordained a Deacon in March 1852 by Elder Luff emigrated in Feb 1853 arived in Liverpool on the 26th set sail in March on the Ship Falcon and arrived in New Orleans on the 17 day of May we boated up the Missippi River to St Louis and then to Keokuk then took to waggon and oxen and came by way of Kainsville to Salt Lake City arrived here in Oct 8 1853 was ordained a Teacher in November by Bishop Hunter served as Teacher two years and was ordained a Seventy in June 1855 by A. Raleigh the 5th Quorum

Elizabeth was Baptized 15th of Feb 1849 in Bristol by Edward Brain and confirmed by Alfred Rolls

Bro Issac Young died in Sept 1854
Bro Willard Richards died
He was one of the first presidency 2nd counsilor to Bro Brigham Young

My Mother Sister Elizabeth Reuben and William (from other copy “son of Elizabeth”) left England in March of 55 and arrived safe in Salt Lake in October. Through drought and grasshoppers the crops are very light and frost set in early

Jany 1st very cold severe winter indeed several thousand head of cattle were killed by the continued depth of snow covering the grass to the depth of from one to 4 feet on the level ground especially north of the city and the intensity of cold and frost March we moved down 6 miles from the city to Mill creek and put in the biggest crop in my life. I asked the Lord to bless it and so he did abundantly very hard living before harvest hundreds of the Brethren and Sisters me with the rest lived upon root and greens for days and weeks together but the thanks be to God my father he blessd me above some of my brethren with a little flour and meat we have a good Bishop even Bro Reubin Miller who took an interest on behalf of the poor and the destitute and gave them butter and meat to eat with their greens and my prayer is may the choistest of heavens blessing rest upon him for ever

harvest came and a great deal of the grain had to be pulled like flax owing to the scarcity of water light crops and a prophecy that before another harvest the Brethren would be harder run for provisions than ever they were before for their was not enough raised to support the inhabitants and this made the people very careful of their crops. Bro Jeddediah Grant was the one chosen in the place of W Richards as coucilor a project was entered into early in the season to bring the saints across the plains by walking and pulling a handcart with thir luggage and provisions in to Utah which took first rate among the saints and the companies that started in July and August from Iowa city came along first rate and beat ox teames by a month but through mismanagement some started in September to come a thousand miles before winter but the snow came and caught them in the mountains and some died through fatigue and cold but the President made a call for the Brethren to go out and meet them coming with handcarts and the horses and waggons were were rolling across the mountins and over the plains to meet them they went out 2 miles from home even to sweet Water river the snow being a foot deep their they brought them in some with frozen feet others with their fingers and hands frozen so it learned the Authorities a lesson for the future

About this about this time Bro Brigham Young the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints said that this people were growing in wickedness instead of growing in rightousness and in the things partaining to the kingdom of God so he told his councilors Heber and Jeddediah that he would go from one end of this Territory to the other and wake the people up to a sence of their duty to ward their God, if no one els would do it; but Jeddediah said I will go and preach repentance to the saints and sinners for all were assleep and he did go forth as a mighty champion in the strength and power of Israels God and cried return repent reform from your evil ways and serve the God of Joseph and Brigham even a God whom the World dispised one that will lead us comfort us hear us when we pray and answer our prayers by and our expectations he counciled the saints to renew their covenants by Baptizm and serve our God aright from that time henceforth and for ever but he grew sick and on the 1 of Dec 1856 he died and was buried he was a great good and wise Man in the Church

Bro Daniel H Well was ordained in his stead
The work of reformation proceeded and brought about a mighty alteration in thousands for the best a few apostatized but the majority are doing well. I must not pass by a thing of great note it was prophecied we would want provisions before harvest but I will say the Lord excepted our repentance and blessed our wheat in our bins our flour in our barrels and every thing pertaining to us so we had a plenty to eat all the time Blessed be the name of Lord God of Jacob for his mercy unto us likewise in our crops so that their was never as great a harvest gathered in these valleys nor near as good

We received the news that Bro Parley P Pratt one of the twelve apostles was murdered in Arkansas by one McClean he was shot at six times and not hurted and then was stabbed with a knife and died The United States is all in an uproar concerning the Mormons in Utah The President James Buchanan ordered General Harney and twenty five hundred men with seven hundred waggons loaded with provisions and clothing and ammunition with cannons mortars and implements of war to proceed to Utah to place Govr Cummins in the government of Utah and to misplace Bro Young we expect a fuss several hundred men has gone out to reconnitre them and we all expect to fight

August 22nd 1857

Sunday August 22nd This people came out and declared their independency of the United States from this very time. The Presidency putt it to the people wether they would maintain it to the last and it was carried by unanimous vote of uplifted show of hands and a shout of yea which made the place echo. They prophesied that when they moved from this Valley they would pitch their tents in Jackson County and Brother Kimball confirmed what Daniel Wells said to be the truths of High heaven

Sunday August 29 Thom B Marsh one of the twelve Apostle who apostatize 19 years all but a month from this date was presented to the Brethren and gave a short history of his life during the time he has been absent from the church and asked the Brethren to be received him back again into the Church he gave some good advice in relation to apostacy and afterwards Bro Brigham Young motion’d that he be received into full faith and standing among the Saints. The motion was carried

Captain Van Vlite of the U.S. Army arrived Sept 2nd to act as Commasarry for the troops but the Govenor gave him no encouragement and he return to the States without accomplishing anything. The Gov’r said the troops should not come in here among this peopel and took votes upon it before Captain Van Vlite (Vliet) and also many other things. There was an express sent out by Pres Brg Young to the States and to England with Samuel Richards G. Knowlton & G. Snider to call all the Elders home Brother Knowlton has proven himself a friend again to me God bless him

Monday Sep 13th J M Bernsishel (Bernhisel) and Van Vilite started for the States to Washington City with letters to M Buchanan Gov and to congress stating that if they did not honnour his draft that he would put an attachment on the Government goods and sell them at a sheriffs sale and get his pay

Sept 17th I was ordered to march on the 19th for a three day campaign find my own provisions Saturday came and I marched of and camped on Jordan river for two days and was dismissed with orders to be on hand in an hours warning.

Sep 28th received orders to march out to meet the enemy next day Tuesday by break of day we were moving on our way to the City got their safe and paraded mustering 60 men Was much praised for our good appearance and turn out we waited their for orders to move forward but the express which came in said the enemy was camped and was going to stop there for a few weeks till Genl Harney came up as the President gave orders for us to rendevousze in our own Wards to call roll every morning and evening The genrl Young sent out by D.Wells to the United States troops desiring them to leave this territory or State and his Proclamation stating he would not allow any army to stay in ther State

Oct 7 attended conference had a good time of it the President gave some good remarks said he was going to reserve his sermon till after the war

November 16 received orders to march we left and stayed in the city that night and started for the plains next day Tuesday it was very cold indeed and snowed all day and blew like everything we camped at the foot of the Little mountains and the next night between the mountains and the next day we went over the big mountain of the Wasatch range their were four feet of snow on the mountains and the same night we arrived at east Canyon creek A Volenteer was call for to go back with a team and they could not get one so they pressed me and sent me back after a week absence from home the whole army return after a month’s absence from home for all the winter through the winter we talked about raising a standing army it was allotted to our Ward to raise 35 men which cost the Ward 22015.00 dollars W.W. Casper was appointed Captain of fifty

(From another copy: “Feb. Colonel T.L. Kane arrived from the states”) as a delegate to stop impending difficulties and he did so untill an investigating Committee was brought and them the Presidents free pardon for all the Mormons forgiving them for all murders thefts and every other crime imputed against us by unprincipled men wether we were guilty or not and we say we are innocent verely so,

we agreed to let the Army in to this Terretory if they would behave themselves like honest men which the officers in command pledge their word’s that they should and previous to this the word came out at conference held April 6th 1858 that we should vacate our homes, farm’s Orchards and ever thing from the point of the Utah Valley range of Mountains to the most Northern Settlement and then I was called to go to the Mountains to guard the passes in the Mountains I was out one month camped on Lost Creek came home the last day of May and in one week I was rolling south with my family we camped out by the river Jordan for about a month and then when peace was made we removed back to our homes again which was very acceptable news to the whole community in Generall for they were in a poor condition for clothing The Army came in and took up their quarters for the winter in Ceader Valley 40 miles South West of Great Salt Lake City I have planted myself a peach orchard of about 600 trees

Joseph Hyrum Bailey was born in Great Salt Lake City on the 14th day of September 1854 At 3 oclock a.m.

Ellen Maria was born in Mill Creek Salt Lake County on the 10 day of December 1856 at 8 oclock p.m.

George Smith was born on Mill Creek on the 13th of April 1859 And Elizabeth Davis on the same day being twins born with in two minutes of each other at ˝ past Eleven a.m.

Isaac Young born August 10th 1861 at 2 oclock pm at Spanish Fork Utah

Anna Russell born Feb 14th 1863 at ˝ past 5 am and died aged ten minutes

Rueben Josiah born August 10th 1864 at ˝ past 1 oclock in the morning at Mill Creek

David William born 16 Mar 1867 ˝ past two pm Mill Creek

Aaron Charles born June 17 1869 9 oclock evening Mill Creek

(From other copy:
Elizabeth Russell daughter of William Russell and Anna Bathe born July 1784 Wookey Somerset and died 1857 aged 67 years was the wife of Geo. Davis. Anna Davis was born April 7 1810 daughter of Eliz. Russell.

Elsie Maria Andrews born 13 September 1852 married Feb. 8 1868

From the life of Elizabeth Bailey, she states that she took the canvas off of their wagon and made George Brown Bailey a uniform to go and fight with.)

George Bailey was the son of Joseph Bailey and Ann Smith
Joseph Bailey was born in Aveberry on the ? day of ? 1791 He was the son of Joseph Brown and Penelope Bailey

Ann Smith was Born in Prince Edward Island North America on the 30th day of October 1800 She was the daughter of Joseph Smith and Katerine (Catherine Anderson)

George Bailey was born in Bath England on the 15th day of February 1833 was ?

Elizabeth Young was the daughter of Issac Young and Anna Davis

Issac Young was born in Lemmingsfield on the 17th day of January 1808 who was the son of Abraham Young and Betty Carter

Anna Davis was born in Wookey on the 7th day of April 1810

Elizabeth Young was born in Bristol on the 30th day of April 1833 was married the 10th day of Feby 1853 in Bristol England She was sealed by Heber C Kimball (A type written copy—this is a transcript of a copy of the original handwriting—adds this: She was sealed by Heber C. Kimball November 18, 1854. in the council House and was sealed over the alter by D. Wells in March 1862 in the Endowment House.

Section of handwriting by Elizabeth Bailey: (as best as I can decipher from the copy)

Left Liverpool on board the ship Ellen Maria on February the tenth reached Salt Lake on Sept 3 this was the first company of perpetual company he had his luggage on board the steamer Saluda the Spirit told him not to go on board he took his things of and thus saved him he worked ???? tanner in the ninth ward he did (died) on the 26 of Sept 1854 of blood poison from skining a poisoned cow he was a faithfull Latter day Saint (story about her father and his journey to America)

Another page:

Abraham Young father of Isaac Young, and Eliza Gunter who is alive in Bristol now they have ? at Keynsom named Thomas, Issac, Aaron, Samuel Sisters Jane Young married Thos Hicks also Thomas Youngs daughter married John Hicks they are cousins Betty Carters father Zacariah Carter and relatives are around Keynsom. please look them up if you can

William if you go to Bath my birthplace go to Beacon Hill Clearmont Buildings and enquire for any of my old neighbors Fletcher, Woodman, Lambourn Eastcot tell them I would like to hear from someone who knew me 37 years ago go to the top houses in the Buildings. I will answer their letters I will pay postage you know my address. Mill Creek Salt Lake C Utah I know it is very hard work hunting up genealogies I have given you a few names for a key to work from but my own relatives are away up in ? so I only mention those belonging to you and Sis Young Uncle Will Davis may tell you about some of them when you mention their names I will write to him from you Bro Geo B. Bailey Mill Creek remember us to all your friends and Brethren in the Gospel for it is of God and I know it

Owner/SourceGeorge B Bailey
File nameGeorge and Elizabeth Bailey: The Journal
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