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George Brown BAILEY
Male 1833 - 1895

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George B Bailey Letter from Utah Pen 25 Jul 1886

A letter to his wife and children

Utah Penitentiary
July 25, 1886

Dear wife and children

It is with peculiar feelings that I now write to you, I do not know the reason but I am well in health of body and to relieve my pensive thought I pen you a few lines to return you my thanks for the favor of your presence and that of my beloved children yesterday and now I must tell you that no visitors were allowed a pass to see anyone in the pen but when I think of you all a going to see the sights and to take pleasure for yourselves and then to think of your husband a prisoner for his religion, and to send his little children in to see him with presents in their hands, for father, it showed to me more than words can tell or that language can express that you do not forget me although absent from you and to receive that favor from the Guard of accepting their little Gifts it fills my heart with feelings of pleasure and to know that the good Spirit was with you to prompt you to remain outside in your carriage for you would have felt bad if you had come in to see me and had been refused but my darlings do not worry about me I am in the hands of the Lord and you do bring me many good things to relieve my imprisonment and the Lord has raised up a friend to me in the Ward in Mr. G N Dow who is very kind to me both in words and deeds and I hope and trust that I may do nothing wrong to forfiet his trust in me and that I may never forget what you do for me for a friend in need is a friend in deed, and the time is slipping past one week after another. eleven weeks since I saw my home out of the twenty six that I am sentenced for almost half gone so cheer up. I shall be with you some day and as for the new house I will send you the bill of Lumber for it I have made it out for a house 30 ft long 18 ft wide outside and 10 ft high two rooms. a bedroom 12 ft by 16 and a room 15 x 16, I think that will do or you can have it 31 ft long which will give you a room 16 feet square, get the foundation dug and you could get a concreat foundation put in of lime and gravel which will prevent the house from settling and cracking gravel is close and the lime can be hauled easy dig it 18 inches wide I do not know your facilities for realizing the means to purchase with but I hope the purse is all one, for I expect that if the walls are built that I shall have to do most of the wood work after I come home for it is a great undertaking for you to build a new house but God will strengthen you and I will help you all I am able it will not make any difference in the bill of Lumber wether it be 31 feet or 30 ft long you will find the amount of Adobies and you must try to find some one to make them
And now I wish to talk to Mother a little I cannot forget her parting words to me “Go my son to prison and may God bless you” which He has done and I hope that you will keep well in health and Spirits many years yet and if you have to live with us this winter and be a lady it will do you good in your old age I have been thinking of writing to Caroline from here but I did not know wether you had told her about me but I am not ashamed of my position as a Convict among some of the best men in the world and I know it, give my respects to Aaron and Margret and tell them not to forget me in prison and now my family accept the love of your husband and father Geo B Baily Box 199 remember me to all my friends

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